Campaigns abroad

Campaigns abroad are the key to greater profits, prestige and a way to reach new customers and clients. Promotion of your company doesn't have to be limited to the territory of Poland. Trust our marketing agency Asano to introduce you to the new directions. 

Campaigning abroad: new opportunities, chances and markets

Thanks to our experience we are able to help your business to effectively reach suppliers, customers or contractors from almost every continent. We will create an effective Google Ads campaign for you and position your website on the global market. 

Our specialists know exactly what measures to implement in order to achieve success in a particular market. We always conduct free market research especially for our prospective customers to determine whether campaigns abroad make sense and where in particular there will be demand for a particular good or service. In this way, you can be sure of a successful campaign.

Campaigns abroad - what do we do?

Google Ads

We create Google Ads campaigns on foreign markets. We match keywords and ad formats to the specifics and needs of a given market. Thanks to proper targeting your advertisement will be perfectly visible abroad. We cooperate with many translators, thanks to which we are able to guarantee the full professionalism of our services.

Marketing consulting

We advise comprehensively. You want your company to conquer a foreign market, but have no idea how to go about advertising? Contact us. We will prepare comprehensive market research, determine how to prepare advertising and conduct Social Media, so that your promotion is visible not only in Poland, but also in England, Spain, the United States ...

Brand introducing

The beginnings are the hardest. That's why we'll help you right from the start. We will introduce your brand to the foreign market - we will help with the necessary research, exceptional promotional campaigns, building PR outside our country, preparing articles and sponsored content. Trust us and your international success will be at your fingertips.


When positioning abroad, it is important to use valuable links from the target country. It is also extremely important to prepare quality and interesting content for the recipient, which will also be properly optimised for SEO. Don't worry - our copywriters and SEO specialists will help you get on the first page of searches.


How do you make your brand stand out abroad? The most important thing is to know the expectations of your audience in a given market. What are their needs? What are the trends in the chosen country, what is being discussed? After thorough market research you need to think about how you can adapt your communication.

Social Media

We guarantee effective content marketing abroad. We know what content your recipients expect. Our goal is to create an engaged community interested in your product. If you need professionally run Social Media, which will transfer into real conversions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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