Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns are an essential part of marketing your product or service. Google is the most popular search engine in the world - it is where many people start their search for a product, service or solution to a problem. For this reason, advertising on Google Ads can significantly increase turnover in your business. Skilfully created, it will increase the number of visits to your website by several or even more than a dozen times.



Which Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns do we create?

Global Google Ads Campaigns

We create Google Ads campaigns for companies from abroad and for those who want to enter the global market. We work with translation agencies to ensure the highest quality of our services. 

Google Ads Campaigns in Poland

We want to support Polish companies and help them appear on the first page of search engines. In Poland about 97% of people use the Google search engine and partner websites, which is a great advertising potential for us. 


Why run a Google Ads (Adwords) campaign?

What are the most effective ways promoting a website? A reliable way are Google Ads (Adwords). Google is the most visited website in the world - 63% of people click on the ads that appear in the search engine. This is just one of the many advantages of using this channel... What else?


Dzięki szczegółowym opcjom targetowania jesteś w stanie precyzyjnie dotrzeć do Twojej grupy docelowej. Możemy targetować po lokalizacji, zainteresowaniach, używanym urządzeniu czy przeglądanych stronach.


Google Ads umożliwia nam precyzyjne mierzenie rezultatów kampanii. Widzimy, skąd przeszedł użytkownik, jaka była jego droga na stronie. Możemy na bieżąco optymalizować kampanię, aby uzyskać jak najlepsze wyniki.


Google Ads, in comparison to SEO, guarantee an almost immediate effect. Almost from the start of the campaign you can enjoy the first reactions and page views.



this is how much brand recognition increases as a result of Google Ads


this is how much conversions increase as a result of a correct Google Ads campaign


of consumers say advertising influences their purchase decisions


of customers satisfied with our services

Google Ads (Adwords) Specialists

Our team is powered by people with broad experience in marketing and running all types of Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns. We know how to create ads that will reach the right audience and how to win ad auctions without spending huge amounts of money.

By using our SEO/SEM agency services you will achieve low CPC costs and broad reach. We will set the right target group, choose the most clicked keywords and create catchy content. We will be optimising your campaign on an ongoing basis and measure conversions, so you don't have to worry about anything. 



Advertising in Google Ads (Adwords)

In Google Ads (Adwords) we create such types of campaigns as:  search (in search engine), shopping (a sales campaign with the main objective of increasing conversions), display (graphic ad in search engine), video (in YouTube with promotional video), remarketing (targeted at people who have seen your advertisement before). We select the right types of campaigns for each company to reach where your customers are and to effectively increase awareness and reach of your brand. 


Shopping Ads

The best form of advertising for online shops. It is a graphic ad that displays with a price, name and a link to the page. It has a high sales potential. 

Remarketing Ads

This type of campaign reaches people who have already visited your website but have not yet converted. It works based on cookies. 

Display Ads

This is a graphic form of ad - a banner ads that appear in various places in the search engine. It works well for building brand awareness.

Search Ads

Your ad will appear in search results when a user searches for a keyword related to your industry or service. It's text-based advertising that brings a lot of quality traffic to your website. 

Video Ads

Video campaigns allow you to display video advertising on YouTube and Google's partner network. They are recommended for all advertisers as they build brand awareness. 

Application Ads

Your app's ad will be displayed in many different Google services. This is a type of advertising where Google uses the app information to create multiple ad formats. 

Costs of Google Ads (Adwords) campaign

There are several billing models for Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns. We distinguish, among others, CPC (cost per click), i.e. the cost per each click on an advertisement, CPM (cost per mile), i.e. the cost per thousand of clicks, which is a billing system usually selected in campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness, or ROAS (return on ad spend) - intelligent, where the Google Ads algorithm itself adjusts the maximum rate per click to achieve the set ROAS. 

Google Ads (Adwords) or positioning?

Which is more effective in improving a website's search engine visibility? Both Google Ads and positioning increase the number of visits to the website - their action is complementary, but different. The effects of a well set up Google Ads campaign can be seen immediately, while for the results of positioning we often have to wait at least a few months. However, actions focused on positioning are much cheaper and longer-term. 

The best solution is to combine SEO and Google Ads techniques. Once a site is highly positioned, Google Ads can be used to research new keywords or redirect traffic to pages that do not have it yet. Thanks to Google Ads, you will also appear on Google's partner sites, whereas SEO only works on search engines. For this reason, it is worth including both SEO and Ads in your company's marketing plans. 

Measurability of Google Ads (Adwords) effects


Google Ads gives you access to detailed data on the results of your ads. High measurability of effects is a great advantage of this type of advertising. In the Google Ads panel, we can see how many people have viewed or interacted with the ad, and we also have access to detailed demographic data about the recipients. After integration with Google Analytics we also gain access to the full user path on the website. All of this allows us to precisely determine the effects of the campaign, and also signals potential opportunities or errors related to the website. This enables us to optimise adverts appropriately and adapt them to market needs. 

Google Ads support tools

Google Analytics

It allows you to obtain real-time reports or even more comprehensive information about your audience and their behaviour on your website. 

Google Tag Manager

It allows special tags to be added to a web page without changing the site code, which make for more effective data analysis.


An indispensable tool in positioning that allows you to accurately check the visibility of your website in Google, as well as keyword analysis, domain comparison or content analysis. 

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