A website is fundamental, but its presence alone does not make a company visible on the Internet. Visibility can be achieved in two ways - through paid advertising and positioning. Positioning is to create unique content and link to the website in order to influence its position in the Google search engine. The aim of positioning is to make a website appear on the first page of Google results, because most people end their search there.

SEO/SEM is our specialty - we create unique content, guarantee effective linking to the website and SEO optimization. Thanks to us, your website will be visible on Google!

The advantages of positioning

Positioning affects the visibility of websites in search engines. Thanks to this, your potential customers will have a chance to find your company and familiarize themselves with the offer when searching for services or products related to your industry and selected keywords.  

Low costs

Traditional forms of promotion, such as the press, television or radio, generate considerable costs. Positioning is an equally effective method of increasing the brand's reach, and at the same time it is relatively cheap. Thanks to the appropriate SEO/SEM activities, you do not have to give up your visibility and marketing activities, because professionally done positioning will help you reach customers and increase sales.

Positive image

Investing in advertising, online visibility and a high position in the Google search engine will make your company's website gain the trust of users, which will translate into higher sales of services and products. Also, it will help you build the image of a leader against the competition in your industry.  

Effective Web Development Solutions

New clients

Top 3 is the most wanted position in any company's Google searches. Users most often and most willingly open websites in these positions, and thus become clients of companies represented by the most effectively positioned websites. Our SEO/SEM activities will make your website more popular and attract more customers.

Gaining an advantage

Your competition does not invest in positioning? So you have a huge advantage because you will find yourself in a higher position in the Google search engine. Thanks to this, most users will choose your page - the more so if you choose Asano to take care of the positioning of your sites.

Effective Web Development Solutions

What is positioning?

Positioning is activities performed to increase the value of the website in relation to Google's algorithms. These algorithms determine the order in which pages are shown after the user enters a phrase into the search bar. The data that is taken into account by Google's algorithms include the number of external links leading to a given website (i.e. how often other people linked to a given page), texts on the website and the frequency of appearing in the text of the key phrase and SEO settings:

  • website headline and description (visible in search results) - approximate the subject of the page;
  • website (or subpage) title;
  • meta description - summary of the content on a given subpage;
  • key phrase;
  • URL - the address of the page or subpage, which should contain the most important words related to the subject of the subpage.

All the above elements should contain a key phrase so that the algorithm reads the page as treating the topic related to it. This will make the page appear higher when a given phrase is entered in the Google search bar, which will translate into the number of page views. If the user finds content on the website that interests him, he is more likely to stay longer and see the company's offer.


Why should you position your website?


There are many reasons to use SEO/SEM services and optimize your company's website. One of them is brand image influence - there are people who skip advertised pages on Google and are only interested in pages that appear organically in the first positions of search results because they perceive them as more valuable. The second reason to position the website is the finances and costs of various forms of promoting the website. Advertising on the Internet is becoming more and more expensive as more and more companies are willing to invest in them, and thus lots of companies participate in auctions for displaying advertisements related to specific keywords and phrases entered in the search engine.  



It should also be taken into account that in case of advertising, we pay for each click on the displayed link and the fact that advertising is a solution that works as long as we invest in them, but does not leave long-term effects. In case of positioning, the whole process works quite the opposite. We have to wait for the effects of several weeks, and sometimes even a couple months. However, when we manage to position a given site, the effect is long-lasting and over time, it requires less ongoing time and financial outlays.



In addition, positioning specific phrases on our website will also make it appear in response to other, non-positioned phrases related to the topic of the website, which will appear in the text. This will make your website even more visible, and potential customers will be more likely to find your company's offer. Use the services of our agency today and enjoy a website visible on the Internet, and thus, more conversions.  

Effective link building 

The number of links to your site on other sites is an important factor in determining the popularity of your site in a search engine. How to do link building effectively?


A link to your site placed on a credible, industry-specific, highly readable or reputable site has a much higher SEO value. Link quality is important for your visibility. 


The more valuable links, coming from highly rated and credible domains, the higher the position of your website in the search engine. That's why it's worth trying to have a clear online presence. 


Patience is an important factor. The effects of your work will not appear immediately - sometimes you have to wait even a few months for them. However, positioning has a long-term effect, unlike advertising campaigns. 


How long do I have to wait for the effects of positioning?

There are many factors that influence how long the SEO process takes. What matters here is the popularity of the industry you operate in, the size of your competitors and their SEO activities, as well as the history of changes to your website. The first effects of positioning will be seen after 1-2 months, while the positioning leading to a high position in the search engine is often at least a few months of work. Portals such as Senuto or Ahrefs allow us to monitor progress on an ongoing basis. 


How many keywords can a website be positioned for?

The number of keywords depends on many factors. First of all, on the number of tabs, as each tab should have a different keyword. You should also remember that good optimisation has an impact on the visibility of the page. If the page is correctly optimised, it will be displayed correctly not only for the selected phrase, but also its synonyms or other key phrases in the text.  


How to verify effects of the positioning?

Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help to verify the effects of positioning - they show the visibility of the website and the number of user sessions. Data is also provided by such programmes as Senuto or the aforementioned Ahrefs. Thanks to these tools we can check exact positions, the number of introduced links and their value, popularity of keywords and time spent on the website. 


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