SEO Agency Asano is a team of marketing and advertising specialists. We take care of website positioning and creating Google Ads campaigns. By using Asano's services, you will significantly increase the visibility of your website, and thus - increase conversion and brand awareness.

We focus on efficiency. We monitor and optimize campaign results on an ongoing basis to provide you real results. 

SEO Agency Asano - Who are we?


SEO Asano Agency was established in the Tri-City in response to the needs and expectations of the modern market. Increasing the visibility of a company in Google is a big challenge, but the benefits of high positioning in the search engine are immeasurable. For this reason, we have assembled a team of SEO and marketing specialists who are masters of positioning, as well as running all types of Google Ads campaigns. Our team offers comprehensive services - setting up SEO on your website, building your brand's online profile on the basis of verified high-quality links, creating Google Ads and optimising them accordingly.

SEO Agency - How do we work?

Did you know that 71% of all clicks on Google end up on the first search page? That's why SEO is so crucial to a company's visibility. However, competition in most industries is fierce and SEO can be a time-consuming process. For this reason, many companies choose not to do SEO on a regular basis, which results in losing a high number of leads and conversions. 

We decided to open SEO Agency Asano to help companies that don't have the time or skills necessary to position their website. We have hired employees with the necessary experience in marketing to guarantee you the highest quality of service. Our SEO specialists create content that meets the requirements of the algorithm, and at the same time is unconventional and engaging for readers. When linkbuilding, on the other hand, we use high value links from verified websites. 


Positioning is a process that brings great results, but they are not immediate. If you want quick results, it is worth betting on the implementation of Google Ads campaigns. We have experience, supported by numerous Google Ads certificates and the status of an official Google partner.  We create product, diplay, video or application ads, as well as ads in the search engine. Asano employs people with analytical skills who will provide you low CPCs and high conversions. 

SEO Agency - Why is it worth it? 

Significant savings

You save both valuable time and money. Activities focused on positioning and correctly positioned and targeted Google Ads will more than pay for themselves in the form of new customers and their purchases. 

Reaching the target group

We reach our target group precisely. Positioning makes us reach people who are looking for information about our product, while Google Ads also makes it possible to construct a precise target.  

Increase in visibility

Social media-based activities are not enough. Positioning and Google Ads are one of the best and most effective methods of promoting your product. Thanks to them, you become present in Google, which is the most popular website in the world. 

SEO Agency - What does cooperation with us look like?


We start our cooperation by setting clear marketing objectives. Which keywords are the most important ones? Who are our biggest competitors? What are our expectations from Google Ads - do we want to influence brand awareness or increase conversions? We then proceed to set up proper SEO on your website, staying in constant contact with you to improve the content to your mutual satisfaction. 



We then proceed to position your site on pre-screened industry websites. When linking, we only use quality sites that provide the biggest boost in search results. We also create Google Ads campaigns according to the needs of the company and the best keywords that will have a real impact on the number of user clicks. We determine the target group, the time of display of the ads, the most beneficial way of budgeting. We then optimise Google Ads to get the most clicks for you, at the lowest possible cost. 


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